Pop, glam, metro, or freestyle. Choose the backdrop that sets the right tone for your event. Want something super special? No problem, we do custom backdrops, too. Tell us what you have in mind.


dreamy standard backdrops

We set our standards high very high. This means that our Standard Backdrops are anything but. Seamless and sleek, they're made to wow.

super dreamy luxe backdrops

Looking to up the ante? Our Luxe Backdrops are ready to aid and abet. Some sparkle, some ombre, all define superfine. 



Lions + tigers + pineapples, oh my! One size does not fit all. That's why all of our packages include 2 or more custom props that are guaranteed to make your event stand out.

Looking for a 100% bespoke experience? Fantastic. We love curating unique prop selections that tell the story of your event. Let's chat.

Unique photobooth props including a dinosaur puppet, a pink wig, a pineapple, a scuba diving mask, and a silk fan